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People with disabilities live in the world and the problem of society and the state to provide them a full life, including unimpeded access to all public buildings, premises, swimming pools and public transport modes without exception.

But at home the disabled people cannot do without the help of someone. Alas, this aid affects the health of a helping person. Plucked back, hernia and other spinal problems are an indispensable companion of a people who care . Payment of the people involved in the care is very expensive.

There is an alternative. You can be mobile, it is easy to move from the wheelchair to the bed and back, use  a car, have a free access to the bathroom, the toilet and enjoy a full life, not lying for decades on a bed because no one can transplant you. However, this does not affect the back of those who helps.

Immobile lifts for the disabled provide moving and fulfilling life for people with limited mobility.

Home electric lifts for disabled people, bath lifts, toilet and bedroom – is today a distant dream for many people confined to a wheelchair. The reason is not only in the high price, but offered by rehabilitation equipment mobile lifts for the disabled,  at the moment, in most cases, are unsuitable for use at home because of the narrow door and corridor openings, ladders and other limitations of the housing space.

Innovation Workshop “Father Savva” (“Otche Savva”) offers lifts O-SAVVA, created for the non-mobile and limited mobility of people and the elderly, by proceeding from the actual needs of people with disabilities. And, that is important, the high quality is for a very affordable price.

Our devices for people with disabilities allow to create the most simple and comfortable solution for moving from the bed to the wheelchair, the bathroom, the toilet or to the car. We also take into account individual anatomical features and human living conditions.

The wheelchair users, who know firsthand about the existing problems attended the process of development of the devices that we offer.

Among the most popular of our products are:

  • «Minik” – the general-purpose electric lift for wheelchairs – for home, car and travel.
  • SAVVA TPS2 – a device for lifting and moving people with disabilities. This tool quickly and easily fits into the trunk of the smallest car, it is suitable for narrow doorways 60 cm wide, and has a shorter length of the “paws” – 90 cm, that makes it indispensable in everyday life as well as in hospitals or health resort and spa complexes .
  • SAVVA-150 – Mobile lift for disabled overweight people. It provides lifting and comfortable moving of the sick person weighing up to 150 kg.
  • Ski lifts for patients with electric driver MINIK-S is a device for the care of the sick and the elderly.
  • Verticalizer and treadmill walking Minik – the adaptation for walking. It is recommended as a technical mean of rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord injuries.


Workshop “Otche Sava» (O-SAVVA) aims to take into account the individual characteristics of people. After all, many people  live in cramped housing conditions in which standard medical lift just do not go down, and many people (who hold their head and lower back) do not need huge hammocks for lifting, straight board with armrests and backrest for them is more comfortable. In fact, consideration of all of these features is the main feature of our lifting equipment.

Over the activity years of the workshop “Father Savva”  all manufactured lifts has been working properly, as evidenced by customer reviews. It is given 12 months  guarantee  and all supporting documents on all the equipment.

Innovational workshop “Father Sava” is part of the Working Group of Industry and Trade of Russia on the development of the market of modern technical means of rehabilitation, it participates in exhibitions, concludes international agreements, in particular with Lithuania, works with the Social Security, has the official certificates. O-SAVVA products have passed tests for compliance with the safety conditions.



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