The best home lift for the disabled who lay in the bed. Dolgov Viktor

For everyone who is looking for a bed for the disabled with a lifting mechanism I  recommend  do not be in a flurry and look at me  because I have purchased this device.

I am a disabled person with a incurable genetic disease. I live in the countryside, in a private house. Therefore, I was looking for a solution to solve everyday problems, I decided to do everything by myself. I looked “lift for the disabled”, on the Internet. There were  many suggestions about conventional medical lifts. None of the options did not suit me because of their large size and limited functionality. I am living a full life – going to the sauna, getting around by car and even swimming in the outdoor pool in the summer. But I had a problem with transplanting the wheelchair to the bed, bathroom and it seems to me, it is very urgent for all wheelchair users. Especially those who have weak hands.

Friends advised me a bedside lift Minik, told that it is produced with the supervision of the same, as we are, wheelchair users. I think he knows  all the problems about. Minik became a real finding and boon for me. I had been using it during the past six months. Firm, safe and trouble-proof design, high-quality electronics, durable suspension – this is what I was looking for.


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