Electrical stairlift MINIK

“Minik” is the smallest  multipurpose  electrical stairlift for physically challenged people for home and office usage.  It’s weight is only 13 kg. Electricity supply is from dry accumulator – 12 V or from electric cigar lighter. If You are using an electric wheelchair it is possible to take connecting cord  from one of the accumulators straight to the stairlift. In this case You will not have additional worries and troubles wih recharging. You will charge only the wheelchair.

You can use the stairlift in the small-size apartments and rooms, or, for example, in the bathrooms or toilets where an ordinary medical stairlift cannot be driven in. Changing the interior design and doorway widening  is necessary having ordinary stairlifts. “Minik” has got a wide variety of floor-level brackets colored at the request of the client and they do not spoil the interior.

The new technical equipment “Minik” can be also slung on the light movable cart or carriage. That  allows to boost a person from the wheelchair or bed and conduct him at once to the shower or  to the bathroom. This capability is exceptionally necessary during trips or journeys or during medical therapy procedures in such cases if it is impossible to fix the wall brackets.

There is one more important advantage of the stairlift “Minik”. The advantage is a facility to hand a person in a car. In other words, “Minik” can also work as a car stairlift. It allows accurately and gently hand  a person in a standard car or minivan. It is needed to solder special bracket in the car’s floor and insert electrical power cable to the cigar lighter. You may also fix “Minik” on the foundation of the car hinges and easily put it to a trunk later.

“Minik”  is a mobile stairlift and also a multipurpose appliance for all of the life’s emergencies, which is easy to take with. It can be taken with You to trips and journeys.

You can order and buy “Minik” stairlift via the brand owner site www.o-savva.ru. The brand owner tries to make affordable prices for the customers.

There is one more additional important detail. During the long time physically challenged people could not be using a normal sofa. because supporting stabilizer blades of a standart medical stairlift can drive up only under a bed. Stairlift “Minik” allows the person sit and sleep on a normal sofa because of the binding system. This system allows to affix “Minik” to the walls or floor-level bracket.

There is also a special sofa module. It is a stand-by system for the bracket allocaed under a sofa  without fixation to a wall.

Minimal Dims of “Minik” are 25×56 cm and make it almost imperceptible inside. It can be easily hidden if it is fixed near an armchair or a sofa not far from the floor. What is more, it is possible to color the stairlift and brackets with bright colors, so a person will not feel himself being as in a medical institution.


Despite the small Dims “Minik”can lift 130 kg person or even more. Everything depends on needs of a person and a model of electromechanical device.

Rising a person is carried out smoothly  and is controlled by a remote panel  with two buttons.

The unique grasp system allows the person move and turn up to 180 degrees in different ways.

The bracket on which the textile sling is fixed has anatomical shape. The capture is on the chest level, not over the head, as in most models of crane type equipment, that allows to reduce the size of the equipment in several times and avoid whipping of the lifting bar.

Lifting device for disabled persons for bath, toilet and car “Minik” raises a sitting person vertically. The lifting bar can be made from the thick textile or from the light fast-drying tissue, used, for example, for swimming.

All-in-one electric stairlift “Minik” is a new product in the European market of rehabilitation equipment for wheelchair users which combines compactness, lightness, portability and functionality.


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