Elena Korol From Belorussia about O-Savva TPS-2

Some time ago I became the happy owner of an electric mobile lift SAVVA TPS-2. At first I was puzzled by this design … Most alarmed, that my mother, a woman of conservative warehouse, who does not  welcome the development of various new equipment will be able to control this lifting device.

As a result, at the first time I tried to hang in the air – I remembered my childhood, when  I was swinging on a swing !!!!!!! Girls, I confess,  I did not deny myself in a pleasure to dangle my feet in the air)))))) Then there was my moving from point A to point B. I was hoisted on a carriage, pulled out from my feet foot hammock- and that was it!

Elena Korol, Soligorsk, Belarus

Photos mobile lift for disabled SAVVA TPS-2


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