The first steps in Europe

Russian manufacturer of technical means of rehabilitation  “Innovation workshop Otche Savva”  is making first attempts to enter the international markets. In June 2016 between the Russian manufacturer and  Lithuanian company UAB Žvaigždžių Lyra was signed an agreement on cooperation.

According to the signed agreement UAB Žvaigždžių Lyra will be promoting the multipurpose electric lift “Minik” for the disabled to the European market , which will  be the ideal solution for small apartments in Lithuania.

The Russian lift will be sold under the brand called Unikum “7” HausHelp in Lithuania.

Currently, “Innovation workshop Otche Savva” is preparing to produce a series of simple, reliable and flexible technical products that facilitate the life of people with disabilities. The Company expects that, because of its simplicity and practicality, these products will find their market in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Greece, in which the preliminary talks have already been held and the prospects of development were assessed.


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