Invalid lift in car

This innovative mechanism facilitates the movement of a person with disabilities in the interior of any car and out of it. Recommended for families, having in its composition the disabled elderly. The hoist is mounted to the B-pillar, the interior does not spoil and does not take place. With such a device, or leave on the nature of treatment, it will be much easier. It allows you to put both on the front seat.

This lift can be used for equipment of social taxi or special transport social institutions.


Load the device up to 120 kg.
The device allows not only fit in the front but also the back seat of the vehicle.
It does not create any inconvenience or disturbance to the feet of transported passengers
Universal seat shape is designed according to the resulting contact professional experience. In accordance with the wishes of the customer’s seat can be made individually.
Easily retractable joint bracket allows maximum comfortable traveling passenger.
The lifting device is suitable for all types of vehicles.
A selection stroke length, and therefore the height of the whole mechanism.
Ability to control via the buttons on the car dashboard or cable remote control.


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