Irina Mikheyeva, Prioziorsk

Minuses in lift’s work  were not revealed by me. I have used it less than 5 times so far. The task of lifting – lifting down from a stroller to the bath and back, does silently (that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also good for the nervous system!). Works clearly. The sense of lift can be seen on the video, I share my photos. Those who are interested, please ask my contacts from creators of the lift and call me.

I want to say that I was doubting, that such a miracle of technology is adapted to our baths and apartments. It is good. I had my doubts about it. Won’t they deceive me?, And I am meticulous ))) But I repeat, it’s okay.

I like a cradle in which I sit. Sitting on it in the water makes an impression of sitting on the air. It does not leak, because I feared about this. It has sufficient absorbency. Then just squeeze and hang to dry.  It is better not to put accumulator better close to the carriage during lifting to avoid pouring water which  may flow down from the cradle !! Be attentive.  I do not sit with a wet suspension into a carriage. I put a raincoat in a carriage. When I sit my mother unhooks belts, drive me into the room and takes the suspension directly into a pelvis.


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