Lift Minik is the best. Dmitriy Chuliakov

Lift “Minik” was found “by chance”. Smart people advised me it). Immediately interested in design simplicity and mobility, plus easy wall mounting. Not everything seemed perfect, but the main task – transplanting into the bathroom, the lift is able to solve.

img_3982After the watching videos on the Internet, we decided to go with friends to the shop owners, “Otche Sava” it is 200 km far from me, to see everything “live” and test the lift. They greeted us well, showed “Minik” capabilities on themselves and me. In the process of “test-drive” they took into account my wishes to the design and configuration. All difficulties arising during the production and delivery of the workshop, “Father Sava” solved with maximum attention to me.

As a result, I have a great lift, “Minik,” and  nice memories of collaboration with the studio, “Otche Savva.”

Dmitry Chulyakov, Obninsk, Russia


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