Lift with electric driver MINIK-S

The device for the care of the sick and the elderly – lift with electric driver MINIK-S


MINIK-S can be used as a bedside lift to move the sick and disabled, as well as a device for the bath and toilet for the disabled. In combination with the trolley MINIK-S becomes an elegant mobile lift for the disabled with the function of standing frame. This function allows a sick person not only to straighten  and came into the vertical position, stabilize blood pressure, but also to change clothes and trousers and use the toilet comfortably.



A wide range of additional equipment (wall brackets,  a trolley,  system of vertical patient adjustment, bracket “spacer tube” car bracket) enables the most flexible and efficient way to solve the problem of transplanting patients with elderly and disabled people.



MINIK-S is a modified version of the lift MINIK. It differs primarily because of ergonomic electro-mechanical drive, design solution and increased lifting height – up to 75 cm Mounting brackets, suspensions, and the whole range of additional equipment for lifts MINIK-S and MINIK completely interchangeable.

  • Weight – 12 kg
  • Dimensions – 45×75 cm.
  • Lifting height – 75 cm.
  • Capacity – 140 kg
  • Electromechanical Power – 12V
  • The control system – remote control desk
  • The fastening system – wall brackets,  truck


Price: 2000 Euro + grade

Clarify you need packaging manager

Preferential Maintenance
from the manufacturer for the whole operating life.

The ability to return goods within 14 days

Product availability: In stock


Warranty 1 year
Country of origin – Russia

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