Roll-lift for wheelchair users and patients SAVVA TPS-2

This is a mobile lift for disabled and limited mobility older persons in violation of the musculoskeletal system – SAVVA TPS-2.

This device for lifting and transportation of the disabled  is recommended for those who are used to travel with their families to the country and live an active life. It is also indispensable for small apartments, because it has short runners -. 70 cm Besides, this device allows you to lift patients transplanted with limited mobility passenger in the car, disassembled quickly and easily fit in the trunk of any car.



  • Height of the handles – 110 cm.
  • Total length – 90 cm.
  • Length (packed) – 65 cm.
  • (may be put in the trunk of any car)
  • Width – 50 cm.
  • (may go through the narrowest doorways)
  • Lifting height – 160 cm.
  • Capacity up to 130 kg.
  • Reliable electro-mechanical drive – 12V (made by LINOK, Denmark)


The package includes:

* a comfortable ergonomic suspension, it allows to use the toilet and does not require putting under the patient;

* removable plastic case with battery and charger.



SAVVA TPS-2 is a proprietary development of innovative workshop “Otche Savva” and can be supplemented with attachments for standing if necessary.


Price: 2000 Euro + grade

Clarify you need packaging manager

Preferential Maintenance
from the manufacturer for the whole operating life.

The ability to return goods within 14 days

Product availability: In stock


Warranty 1 year
Country of origin – Russia

Free Consultation!
Individual SALE!


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