The lift for heavy patients SAVVA-150


Mobile lift for disabled overweight people SAVVA-150 provides raising up and comfortable movement of the sick person weighing up to 150 kg. Swivel mechanism allows to rotate the patient along the bed or the bath, which greatly simplifies the process of bathing and care.

The lift is available in several versions: with the swivel bracket and a square frame, which gives the patient the opportunity to draw on his/her hands.


  • Drive – electric.
  • Control – control desc.
  • Lifting height – 75 cm
  • Capacity – 150 kg.
  • Supported Length – 120 cm.
  • Width (folded) – 60 cm
  • General Width – 75 cm


Price: 2000 Euro + grade

Clarify you need packaging manager

Preferential Maintenance
from the manufacturer for the whole operating life.

The ability to return goods within 14 days

Product availability: In stock


Warranty 1 year
Country of origin – Russia

Free Consultation!
Individual SALE!



Передвижной подъёмник для инвалидовДомашний подъёмник для инвалидовПодъёмник для узких дверей


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