Spinal muscular atrophy – Anastasia Sobolevskaya Novosibirsk

Hello! My name is Anastasia, I am 31 years. I am a disabled person with spinal muscular atrophy, having fully impaired musculoskeletal system. During all the years I have been transplanted by my mom, we live together with her, now she is already 61 years old, it is difficult to cope with me.

I began thinking about the elevator for a long time, I have looked through a lot of options on the internet, but it was not. We have small-sized apartment, bathroom en suite, it is very small, we needed something compact, roomy.  I saw a miracle “Minik”. I have seen all videos about it, read all the comments and I began dreaming about it. Saving money for it would take a lot of time, especially having two pensions. I got to know that now there is such a program called social assistance for the disabled. I appealed to the mayor’s office, collected all the necessary information and documents. A month later we received a letter that we will get help. This pleased me no end, and soon came my dream lift. My mother and I breathed a sigh of relief. Now my mom will not overstrain her back, and I can take a bath, when I want, this is happiness !!! The lift is very easy to operate, we learned it easy and quickly , thanks to those who invented it, it is a real helper.

I like it.


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