Verticalizer and treadmill walking Minik

Verticalizer and treadmill walking Minik – the adaptation for walking. It is recommended as a technical mean of rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord injuries.

Verticalizer for adults with electric and simulator for walking, staffed on the basis of universal lift MINIK.

This device is recommended to walk as a technical means of rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord injuries. The device has a folding design and minimum dimensions designed for rehabilitation at home. Product Dimensions:… The height of 1 m 90 cm width when folded “legs” of 55 cm and a length of 1 m 10 cm also make it easy to pass in any doorways.

Verticalizer and walker for disabled adults with electric Minicoy (sounds so different version of the product name) – this is another novelty, established in the Innovation Workshop, “Father Sava” at the request of the sick people who have a desire to maintain their health feasible physical activity.

Slings and jacket to maintain the patient in an upright position are multiple levels of adjustment, which makes it possible to adjust them to different weight and height.



Electric drive load capacity up to 150 kg
Powered by dry battery 12
Wired Remote Control
sliding support
collapsible design
The adjustable suspension mountaineering


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